Discover the world of English literature

by Emily

Many students will associate reading great works of English literature with having to do exams on them come the end of term. Of course, it was never Virginia Woolf's intention to have To the Lighthouse form a part of an A-level English course. Admittedly this can deaden the impact of great literature, but with the help of an English tutor your child could take real pleasure in these great works while working toward satisfying academic achievements.

When it comes to getting your kids to read there's an awful lot to compete with. The quantity and variety of media that they are exposed to is staggering. From television and video games to iPods and the internet, it's no wonder their attention might appear to wander a few pages into Sense and Sensibility. However much of the pleasure of reading comes from its slow release, which can initially feel like inaccessibility. A great entry point is to try and find something of the modern day within these seemingly foreign worlds of centuries past. How would your child feel in the shoes of the orphaned Oliver Twist? Can they relate to Winston Smith's desire for freedom in 1984?

If you think your child would benefit from getting acquainted with English literature to help them through their A-level or GCSE English course and they need some extra motivation, as well as some help in appreciating the text at hand, it can be useful to hire a tutor for some one to one sessions. Their tutor can point them towards some of the best works in English literature to start with and guide them through the process of reading, enjoying and critical thinking.

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