Maths in everyday life

October 13th, 2010 by Emily

If you have kids of primary school age and you want to help them with their Maths, a tutor can really make learning Maths relevant, easy and fun for young children!

The main Maths topics that primary school children learn are the classic four: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. On top of this there's fractions and geometry to deal with.

These topics can actually be found, practised and demonstrated in everyday life. This is great news for children who find Maths too abstract or difficult to grasp in the classroom. By making them see that Maths is something that you use throughout the day, a tutor can make the subject easier to connect with and bring it to life.

Take addition and multiplication, for example. At the shops your child could count out money when it's time to pay for something. Older children can be encouraged to add up (or at least estimate!) the cost of the weekly shop as it goes through the till. Even better is getting your child to work out what the change will be, whatever shop they're in.

As for geometry, a Maths tutor can really make this fun, especially for younger children. They'll begin to love checking the top of open doors and identifying the right-angles. They can also estimate degrees and gradients when walking up steep hills and so on. First Tutors has many Maths specialists who can help make the subject personal and fun.

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