Is your child considering what degree to take?

by Emily

If they enjoy literature, writing and discussions, your child might well enjoy and benefit from receiving tuition in preparation for a degree in English Literature.

English Literature is one of the classic degree subjects and is offered by all of the UK's top universities, which makes it a good option for any students aiming for an Oxbridge education.

Undergraduate students of English Literature study texts across the ages, from medieval writings to contemporary fiction. In doing so, they gain a host of useful and transferable skills, such as the ability to think critically; writing skills; the ability to discuss and debate in a group and the ability to read and absorb lots of different forms of information.

With all of that in mind, it's no surprise that English graduates can go on to follow many different career paths. Indeed, the beauty of an English Literature degree is that it allows students to consider a variety of careers rather than asking them to focus too soon on what they would like to do.

English Literature graduates often go on to work as teachers, PR officers, writers, journalists, broadcasters and lawyers, but the list of options is long and diverse.

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