English Literature: a classic A-level choice

by Emily

Competition for university places is particularly fierce, thanks in part to the new generation of A*grades coupled with a drop in available university places as funding for higher education decreases. As it becomes acutely important for candidates to stand out, hiring a personal tutor is an excellent way of cultivating an edge for prospective university students.

There has been much news in the papers recently about the lack of validity of certain A-level subjects in connection with the competition for university places. Many deans have spoken out about the need to take more traditional subjects as opposed to newer subjects, which may not be taken as seriously by admissions tutors.

Choosing a classic academic A-level subject augmented by regular tuition can help a student to differentiate themselves from the competition, especially when applying for places at Oxbridge and the Russell Group universities. English Literature is such an A-level subject. It is traditional, academically rigorous and highly regarded by all of the universities.

English Literature prepares students very well for university study because it involves heavy amounts of reading, research and essay writing. It also encourages students to be precise yet engaging in their writing and to energize their critical faculties, both in class discussions and in essay writing.

English Literature A-level involves the study of various texts, including poetry, plays and novels from classic and modern authors as well as criticism from a range of perspectives. For those students who wish to gain the most from their A-level study, First Tutors can recommend a host of specialists in English Literature. Browse our database for a specialist tutor near you.