Combat text speak with English tuition

by Emily

A good command of the English language is vital for success - not just at work, but in everyday life too. Unfortunately, many young people struggle with English and find themselves unable to spell, construct sentences or use grammar correctly. Some one to one tuition in English can help to correct any errors and lazy habits picked up by students more used to texting than writing proper English in longhand with a fountain pen (those were the days!).

The growing use of 'text speak' and e-mail language has had a corrosive effect on grammar, semantics and syntax. Young people are used to communicating electronically, whether they are texting each other or posting messages on each others' Facebook pages. This new breed of electronic and social networking has spawned a version of the English language that is unrecognisable to many of us.

Text and e-mail speak tends to be riddled with spelling mistakes and uses abbreviations of English words which may even use include numbers - for example, 'm8' instead of mate. The problem is that young people are so used to writing in this way that they find it difficult to use proper English when writing essays and the like at school.

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