Private pupils achieve the most A* grades

by Emily

As the nation's teenagers recover from the stress of receiving their A-level results, the latest figures reveal that half the A-levels taken by pupils at independent schools in the UK were graded A or A* this year, according to figures from the sector.

According to the Independent Schools Council (ISC), which represents most of the UK's private schools, nearly one in five pupils came away from this year's exams with an A*grade. This year was the first in which the A* was introduced to the grading structure.

The ISC, which represents about 1,260 private schools across the UK, says six per cent of its candidates (2,108 pupils) were awarded three or more A* grades.

Nearly seven per cent of pupils in the UK attend a private school, although that figure leaps to nearly 20% amongst sixth-formers.

The results across state and private schools as a whole show that eight per cent of all A-levels were graded A*, with nearly 30% of pupils getting an A or an A*.

We're sure that many First Tutors students are amongst the happy recipients of an A* or an A. Congratulations. We're sure that you're still celebrating!