Long summer holidays could be a thing of the past

by Emily

As this year's school summer holiday fades like a distant memory, it has been revealed that politicians are to consider scrapping the long six week break altogether. The Labour MP Frank Field is to submit a review to the coalition government which calls for an end to the long break. Field says that the long break puts many children at a disadvantage educationally. He said that having a shorter break would help those children who were "not intellectually stimulated" during the summer holidays. He also stated that the long break is "out of kilter" with families in which both parents work and that scrapping it would help those parents who "dread the summer holiday". The review instead calls for a school year broken up into four or five terms divided by shorter holidays. Whilst the government consider the proposals, we at First Tutors suggest keeping your children intellectually engaged throughout all the school holidays, whether it's half term or the summer break. Reading with them every day, visiting educational exhibits and engaging the services of a private tutor during the long break can all help your child stay on top when term starts again.