10 ways to prepare your child for primary school

by Emily

The first day at primary school is a landmark in every child's life. Here are some ways you can help your child make the transition from home/ nursery school to primary school:

1. If any of your friends have children starting at the same school, see if you can arrange a few 'playdates' before school starts - that way, your child will already have friends.

2. Encourage your child's independence by teaching them to dress themselves and look after their own possessions.

3. Lead by example: be enthusiastic and positive when you talk to your child about school.

4. If your child has older siblings or cousins, encourage them to tell your child positive things about starting school.

5. Teach your child about school etiquette, such as sharing, taking turns, and raising their hand to ask a question.

6. Get to know the school, and its staff, as well as you can. Attend parent-teacher meetings, inductions, social events and anything else that helps you build relationships with the people who will be taking charge of your child's early education.

7. Find storybooks about starting school and read them to your child.

8. Make sure you inform the school if your child has any allergies, special needs or medical issues.

9. Take your child with you when you go shopping for their uniform. Let them try it on and explain to them that this is what big boys and girls wear when they go to school.

10. Don't voice any concerns about the school in front of your child. Talk to a partner or friend about anything that's bothering you in private.