Sharpen your study skills

by Emily

It's one thing knowing that you need to study, but do you actually know how to do it?

Study skills are a relatively new addition to the curriculum, and indeed they may still not be taught in all schools. If you went to school some time ago then you may not even know what they are.

Study skills are the techniques that everybody needs to learn effectively and to manage their own learning. Study skills can be applied to any sort of learning and by learners of any age. Whether it's a five year old doing their first piece of homework, or a 30 year old revising for professional exams, everyone can benefit from study skills.

It is particularly important to learn study skills in this day and age not just because of the huge amount of information that we are presented with: we are also given this information in many different formats, and we need to know how to process and organise this. For example, you may be learning a language and this would involve watching videos, doing written exercises and reading newspapers in that language on the internet. These are three different multimedia ways of learning and can all be approached in various effective ways with the help of a study skills tutor.