It’s heaven in Devon for animals

by Emily

Many of us head to beautiful Devon for the holidays with our families. Why not factor in some educational fun with a trip the county's Exmoor Zoo?

The zoo prides itself on being an "ideal family venue" and has lots of animals to learn about and see. Amazingly, it started life as two small pieces of land and has grown organically, curated and looked after by experts and volunteers, into a space that is totally centred towards the wellbeing of its wildlife, flora and fauna. This makes it a unique visit and quite unlike the city zoos that you may be used to.

The animals live in natural enclosures, giving visitors a hint at what their lives would be like in the wild. There are loads of opportunities to learn about the animals; visitors are encouraged to watch and ask questions during feed times and informative talks are a regular occurrence. Excitingly, handling sessions enable visitors to hold snakes, spiders and more cuddly beasts as well!

The zoo is a hub of conservation activity and is home to families of all sorts of exotic birds and beasts. Because of this emphasis on conservation and helping the world's creatures, there are often new animals to visit throughout the year. So, if you've to Exmoor Zoo before, it's still worth a visit.

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