Get interactive at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

by Emily

If your children are getting restless, then you'll need something to stimulate and interest them. An attraction calling itself "the Mother Earth of all adventures" might just do the trick!

Dynamic Earth is an interactive exhibition that lets visitors explore the planet's history, present and future. Suitable for children of all ages, it starts, logically enough, with the Big Bang, giving visitors the chance to see the creation of the Earth.

Through a host of 3D films, interactive experiences and other creative exhibits, you can then trace the Earth's journey from its initial explosive start. Journey through the rainforests or even down to the bottom of the ocean, meet a dinosaur or freeze in the Ice Age - Dynamic Earth gives you the chance to experience the many ages and faces of our planet. In that sense, it combines lots of educational facets, like history, geography and the sciences.

A new exhibition for Dynamic Earth this year is 4Dventure, which is a 4D expedition film taking travellers from all the way from the Arctic to the tropical rainforest. It aims to give visitors as real-life as possible an experience, even allowing a sense of touch and smell during the film thanks to special effects.

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