Nerves of steel

by Emily

This week, we continue our revision tips and tricks series with a look at how to control something that can potentially ruin all of your good work - exam nerves!

If you've ever seen X Factor, you'll know that even the most talented of performers can let nerves overtake their auditions. When the pressure is on and the whole world is watching, it's understandable that nerves can get to people that much - but too many nerves can get in the way of a performance.

Consider your own exam nerves. True, exams don't involve standing in front of thousands of people on live TV, but they are still understandably nerve-wracking. You feel as though this is your one chance to improve your future and that you need to get high grades. No wonder you feel nervous.

A few nerves on the day of your GCSE or A-level exams are fine and natural. However, you don't want too many nerves on the day as they will block your ability to think. Here are some tips to help you calm down as your exams approach:

• Practise exam questions to time so that you get used to working quickly without getting flustered.

• Eat regular, healthy meals and drink lots of water. If you can avoid caffeine, then do, as it will only increase your jitters.

• Identify the subjects or topics that make you feel the most nervous. Devote more time to these in your revision.

• If you really are feeling nervous and unable to cope, talk to a parent, guardian or teacher. You don't need to suffer alone.