Exam revision audits

by Emily

Whether you're doing GCSE's, A-levels, Key Stage exams or degree exams, the finishing line is in sight. Even though you're nearly there, there is still some revision work that you can undertake to help boost your chances of success.

Around this time in the exam and revision process, it is really useful to do a kind of audit of your brain to check what's gone in and what hasn't. If you identify something that really hasn't gone in then you have time to work on it, especially if you know what you do understand as you can reasonably stop working on this topic.

For example: you find that you know your English set texts extremely well, but you're unsure on French verbs. An audit allows you to scale down on your English set text revision (because you're comfortable with it) in order to make more room for French verbs.

So, how to audit? A good way is to get together with a friend and test each other on the key points in teach topic. Write questions for each other based on past exam papers and any pointers that your teacher or tutor has given you.

As you and your friend test each other, make a note of what you're getting right and wrong. Looking at the results once you've finished the exercise should help you to identify where the gaps are.