Exam revision: Memorise with mnemonics

by Emily

It helps to have all sorts of tips and tricks up your sleeve when it comes to exam revision. Using varied techniques keeps things interesting and keeps you and your brain engaged and on your toes.

One of the most commonly used memory aids is mnemonics. A mnemonic device is a verbal mind memory learning aid such as a small poem, phrase or special word used to help you remember something.

Mnemonics come in various different forms. For example, many mnemonics use the letters in a word that you need to remember to spell out sentences. A famous mnemonic used to help people spell the word "necessary" is "Never Eat Cheese Eat Smoked Salmon And Remain Healthy". As you can see, when you put the first letter of each word in the sentence together, you spell the word "necessary".

Another way of using mnemonics is to link the words or phrases you're using to visual images in your mind. For example, Michel Thomas, the famous language teacher, taught his students of Spanish to remember the verb 'estar' - meaning 'to be' - by picturing a star.

Many people use rude words or phrases to help them remember facts and figures. That's fine, and fun, as long as you don't use them for real in your exams!