Effective exam revision using your own learning style

by Emily

Did you know that everybody has their own learning style? We all remember and absorb facts and figures in different ways. This isn't something that's always addressed in the classroom at school: you have one teacher teaching in their way, but that may not correspond with the way in which you learn best.

Revising for your exams with the help of a private tutor is your chance to get to grips with your material using your learning style to your advantage. Simply work out the way that your brain likes to work best and then work with your tutor to revise accordingly.

Broadly speaking, the learning styles most of us fit into are: visual, aural, verbal, physical and logical. Here are a few revision tips for each:

Visual: you learn using pictures and images. Use colour to highlight important facts and draw mind maps and pictures.

Aural: you learn using sound and music. Make up songs with key facts and figures using your favourite tunes for the melody.

Verbal: you learn using words. Write out your notes and make up poems and funny sentences about key facts and figures.

Physical: you learn using your body and sense of touch. Read your notes out loud whilst bouncing a ball or assign different facts to different body movements.

Logical: you learn using logic, reasoning and systems. Revise using Excel to make tables of your key facts and figures.