5 online resources for Chemistry tutors

by Emily

Many pupils struggle with the Sciences, but help is at hand. Here is our pick of the best online resources for Chemistry.

1. Creative Chemistry does what it says on the tin: it presents chemistry in a fun way. Lots of worksheets and revision guides make this an essential resource for tutors of GCSE and A-level Chemistry.


2. The Royal Society of Chemistry has some educational resources helpfully categorised by age group. They're primarily aimed at teachers but are useful for pupils and private tutors too.


3. This site is a must-visit as it has been recommended by the Government. It's aimed at GCSE Chemistry students with a section for GCSE Physics as well.


4. Quarry Ed is an A-level specific learning resource with some good downloads for A-level Chemistry students and their private tutors.


5. Last but not least, we have a number of resources on the First Tutors website that are designed to help Chemistry students with their work and exam revision. Check out our Resources section for guidebooks and practise papers.


We'd also like to wish very Good Luck to all pupils who are sitting GCSE and A-level Chemistry exams this week.

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