Tutoring students for private exam entry

by Emily

There are many reasons why a student may choose to take exams privately. They may feel they are not reaching their full potential and need extra one-on-one support; they may wish to expand their studies beyond the set curriculum; or, in some cases, they may feel ready to take certain GCSEs or A-levels ahead of their peers. Whatever the reason, they'll need a private tutor, so how do you help a student who needs to undertake intensive exam revision?

The responsibility for administration relating to the exam, such as paying entry fees and finding a location to take the exam remains with the student and their guardian, so your focus will be on helping them achieve their potential academically. Familiarise yourself with the full exam syllabus as soon as possible and make sure that the teaching schedule allows proportionate time for each topic, with ample wiggle room to accommodate a student's weak spots.

As well as taking note of the essential knowledge the exam demands, think also about the core skills required and how you can help your student develop them. Does the subject have a strong literary or oral element? Does it require the ability to think literally or strategically? Identifying these key areas will not only give your students confidence on exam day, but will also enable you to make their home tuition sessions more focused and engaging.