Preparing for mock exams

by Emily

Mock exam season is almost upon us. For many students, this will be their first experience of formal exams, and a prime opportunity to practise for the real thing next summer. How can you as a private tutor help students prepare for their mocks?

In the main, mock GCSEs and A-levels should be treated as any other major exam, so the usual tasks apply. Work together with your student to create a suitable exam revision plan - ideally covering the next 6-8 weeks - which allows them time to study and absorb the necessary information. The plan should also have an allowance built in for extra study where the student is slightly weaker or needs further tuition.

Whilst it is almost impossible, given the exam timeline, to stop teaching new course components completely, the week or two weeks prior to the mocks should be given over purely to revision, to enable the student to consolidate their knowledge.

Now is also the time to begin working on exam technique. Set your student some timed practise questions, similar to those seen in the exam. This will get students used to the style of the exam and help develop their ability to work under time pressure.

Post-exam, your role will be to help the student analyse their paper and performance, providing a strong basis of strengths and weaknesses to move forward on in the six months leading up to the real GCSEs and A-levels.