Who can be a Science tutor?

by Emily

Tutoring Science requires both practical and theoretical skills to ensure a lively and engaging tutorial style. More than any other subject, Science is as much about doing and seeing as it is about listening and understanding. Therefore those who can provide a high level of interaction will create a strong impression.

It is for this reason that those people who come from careers with a high 'Applied Science' element are likely to make very good Science tutors. People who have worked as a laboratory assistant or researcher, an engineer or mechanic, will all have the necessary attributes to thrive in a tutorial environment.

Of course, Science breaks down into a number of key areas and those who wish to tutor older students may come from a highly specialised background. For Biology, those with a background in botany, zoology or medicine can prove to make a successful crossover, while Physics tutors may benefit from a mechanical or technical background. In Chemistry, those with a background in the chemical industries, or combustion design will also have an advantage.

If you are interested in tutoring Science, have a look at our section For Tutors. You'll find some handy hints on lesson planning as well as an overview of the things you need to take into consideration when advertising your services as a private tutor.