Who can be a Maths tutor?

by Emily

A whole plethora of skills add up to make a good Maths tutor. The subject is a mixture of analysis, logic, mental agility and basic arithmetic skill, all of which are abilities which can easily be honed in very different professions.

Much has been said in recent months about an expected rise in teaching post applications as city workers lose their jobs due to the recession. This could free up an unexpected wealth of talent for private Maths tuition as city workers, especially those from the financial district, will have most of the necessary skill sets to teach Mathematics. They have strong analytical minds and are able to provide first hand experience of how theoretical problems can be applied practically. Similarly engineers, another group to have suffered in the recent downturn, can bring a strong sense of practical application to a tutoring role.

Other careers that can easily convert into an aptitude for Maths tutoring include those which have a strong arithmetic element woven in. Such jobs include accountancy and actuarial work. Their experience of Applied Mathematics can be a great bonus in helping to engage and motivate students.

Then there are those with previous experience in teaching the subject, lecturers, teachers and classroom assistants, who have a strong educative background in a school or university environment. The crossover of skills is high, yet the new challenges and opportunities that arise from taking on private tuition can be highly appealing to many.