Types of people who become English tutors

by Emily

English tutors come from a wide variety of backgrounds. John Donne once remarked 'No man is an island' and the same can definitely be said of English studies; the subject draws upon many other areas and lends itself well to complementary talents, including those of drama, writing and history.

Many actors make highly engaging tutors, combining a literary awareness with a sense of the text in performance. Their ability to perform, whether play, poem or prose, can help instil a sense of activity and passion in even the most apathetic student. Writers from all genres, including journalism, fiction, biography and reference, have also made a successful career switch and can provide excellent insight into the analytical skills required for English. After all, if you can put a sentence together correctly, you can definitely pull it apart.

However, the largest overlap is between History and English. For this reason those with established careers in the former, whether as an academic, archivist or researcher have frequently made a successful transition into tutoring English.

So if you are looking for an interesting and challenging career change and recognise yourself here - maybe you should consider becoming an English tutor!