5 ways private tutors can encourage their students

by Emily

As a private tutor, your student's success is closely linked to how you support and encourage them whilst they study. Without the necessary encouragement, a student can become distracted and lose the focus of their studies. Here are five tutoring tips which you can use to help encourage your students to success ...

1. Be sure to praise them when they deserve it. This is all-important for motivation, and with the right encouragement your student will feel that they are doing well with their studies.

2. By the same token, be sure not to over-criticise your student if they are slow to learn tasks or are struggling to grasp the concepts that you are teaching them. This can easily put them off studying for good.

3. Rather than teaching through notes, try and make your lessons as interactive as possible. Your student will soon grasp the lesson if they can see it in action, rather than just reading or writing its theory.

4. Make sure your student asks you questions at the end of every tuition session. Some students are afraid of raising issues, but if you encourage them to be inquisitive and query the lesson's contents, they will be able to clarify any problems or queries they may have before you leave them to their private study.

5. Try to keep lessons as lighthearted as possible. Make your study periods with your tutees as fun as possible and they will look forward to the time spent with you, and thus aid their educational development.