5 online resources for Science tutors

by Emily

This week we share our pick of the resources that can be found online for Science tutors. Whether you're based in Bedfordshire or Lancashire, you can download these resources within seconds and start incorporating them into your lesson plans.

1) Sci-tutors. A massive archive of resources, best practice advice and a forum to share tips and advice with other home tutors, set up and run by the Training and Development Agency.


2) Terrific Science. This American-based site does for Science what Terry Deary and the Horrible History books did for History tutors. It makes the subject fun, engaging and offers plenty of ways to link the textbook to the world around you.


3) Teachernet. A government run initiative that covers all subjects, but has an exceptionally Contemporary Science section with a strong focus on curriculum topics. Resources include video clips and sound files as well as the more usual worksheets.


4) Primary Resources. A good site for those working with younger students, this focuses on the early key stages, with a very easy to navigate interface. Resources include ideas for fun activities and games posted by other tutors.


5) Teachable.net. A site run by private tutors, this has a massive selection of resources, clearly marked with which level they are appropriate for. The site also has a review feature, so you can see how these work in the 'real world'.