Why you should book your private tutor now

by Emily

As the autumn term approaches, thoughts turn to the year ahead. For many students this includes GCSE and A-level exams. This time of year is also traditionally one of the busiest for private tutors as well-prepared students, looking to avoid an end-of-year cramming session, begin to make enquiries.

As with everything else, it makes sense to plan ahead when it comes to finding a home tutor. Starting early obviously gives pupils the pick of the pool, as the best private tutors will be snapped up quickly. By working with a tutor from the beginning of the year, students also maximise their chances of scoring top marks in exams.

Student and tutor can work together to devise an achievable study plan that works across the year. A long-term plan minimises exam revision pressure, especially for students taking multiple subjects, and helps clarify goals, aims, strengths and weaknesses. In helping to identify any gaps in knowledge early on, it allows ample time to focus on these and compensate as necessary.

When looking for home tuition, students (and their parents) should spend some time thinking about what learning methods do and don't work for them, and research potential tutors who may provide a good fit. A suitable private tutor should also be familiar with the curriculum the student's school follows,

Finding the right tutor now will save endless stress and worry later on and can provide all the advantages necessary to excel in school and exams throughout the entire year.