First Tutors now listing online tutors

by Emily

We have recently found there to be increasing demand for online tuition using freely available Internet technology as an enabler to remote learning. For some subjects this will work particularly well, e.g. languages where the tutee may require substantial oral work or help in a more piecewise fashion, alleviating travel requirements.

We now list online tutors for all requests where we do not find a full compliment of local tutors so as to give parents and tutees the best possible choice of tutor. If you are a tutor with us, and wish to offer your services via online means simply log in to your members area, visit the 'Tutoring Details' section and update your preferences (near the bottom).

Requests will still work in an identical way to contacting local tutors with the exact same terms and conditions applying to everyone.

Once you have found an online tutor and finalised your relationship you'll need a platform to use for the lessons. There are many options here, but we would recommend Skype for this purpose because it is totally free and supports most computer / hardware combinations and allows you to talk, send instant messages and transfer files without impacting your phone bill! You can even add advanced features such as interactive whiteboards should you wish to.

We welcome your feedback on this implementation, if you have any comments or suggestions please do let us know. For example, perhaps tutors would like the freedom to offer online tuition on a per subject basis? Or perhaps tutees would like to be able to order their online tutor results? or to view more than 10 online tutors at a time? We welcome and value your feedback, so do get in touch if you have a suggestion!