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Ever wondered how to make a potato clock? Or the Top 5 inventions of the 20th Century? Or something completely different? You've come to the right place.

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Top Quirky Facts about Royal Births

To commemorate the birth of William and Kate's child, First Tutors has compiled a list of quirky facts surrounding Royal births, historic and modern.

5. Surnames are flexible

Since they are royalty - and since nowadays they're in a perpetual media spotlight that renders surnames inconsequential ...

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The 5 Most Influential Philosophers in the World

Who made us think the way we do?

5. Descartes

The so-called 'Father of Modern Philosophy', this 17th century Frenchman not only pioneered analytical geometry, but also famously said 'I think therefore I am', a profound statement whose core principle sparked more modern movements such as Existent...

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Top 5 Home Science Experiments

Trying to introduce younger children to science (or even slightly older ones, for that matter)? Nothing impresses more than an easy, exciting and rewarding experiment. You don't need test-tubes and Bunsen burners to open minds, just a little scientific knowledge and imagination...

5. Cola and Men...

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