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Overcoming Dyscalculia

Maryann's son was finding maths very difficult to comprehend, due to his dyscalculia. Thanks to Conor, he's getting to grips with the subject and is set to do well at Secondary School.

My son had just finished 6th class, and although he was above average in all other subjects, he struggled wi...

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Making the Grade in Common Entrance

Sharon's son Robert needed the motivation and guidance to pass his Common Entrance exams. With the help of Angela, he passed his mocks with flying colours and is set to do well in the actual exams.

Robert had lost his way at school. He didn't feel valued or capable or bright: I knew he was all thes...

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Joe and Ivan: Learning Together

Tracey's son Joe was having trouble learning in a school environment, but thanks to a First Tutor he's back on track and set to pass his exams.

My son Joe wasn't getting the right attention he needed from school. He had no interest in any of the academic subjects, as he knew his future career was...

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From the student's mouth: How my private tutor helped me

My family (older sister) had used a private tutor before, but always from recommendations from friends, etc. In January 2011 I felt I needed a private tutor immediately for Psychology A-level and asked around, but no one had any ideas/recommendations. "Various 'Revision Schools' were recommended, fo...

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