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How to Study Well (Regardless of What it is You're Studying!)

Getting work done is vital to your academic career, whether it be revising for exams, doing homework or writing projects. While your mental approach to these activities should be very different, they all suffer from the same looming bugbears: tiredness, lack of concentration and the urge to procra...

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Enhancing your memory

GCSEs, A levels, University exams seem to creep up and startle students every year. But although this is a very stressful time in which you need to take in and revise a lot, there is no need to panic. If you need to memorise facts, formulas, names and titles there are ways to improve your memory and...

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Better Note-Taking

Consider the purpose of your notes

The notes you make to understand an aspect of a course will be different from those you take to summarise a revision topic. Think about:

What you will use the notes for.

How often you will refer to them.

The necessary level of detail.

Then begi...

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Coping with Homework

Here's our top ten tips on how to cope with managing your homework:

1. Use a homework diary

If you have a clear idea of how much homework you need to do that evening, week or month, you won't be caught out by nasty surprises. Keep a diary so you can track coursework deadlines well in advance and a...

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