GCSE Science Revision Advice

Here are a few helpful tips and advice on how to get you started on you GCSE science revision. Try to see your GCSE science revision as a way of helping you gain more of an understanding of the work that you have been learning.

Advice on how to revise

  • Time management - start your science revision early, you have got a lot of subjects to revise for but as long as you start early enough then it won't seem like such a lot to do all at once.

  • Create a revision timetable so that you can fit in work, rest and play. It will also give your GCSE science revision a more structured feel to it so you always know where you're up to.

  • Try to keep your science revision sessions short, any longer than 40mins and you will find that you start to get bored and lose concentration.

  • Make sure that you spread your subjects out so that you aren't doing all the easy ones first and trying to cram the hard ones in later!

  • Stick your GCSE revision timetable up so that everyone at home knows what you're supposed to be doing and when.

  • When it comes to GCSE science revision make sure that you break it down! Science is a massive subject so you should have different notes and topics for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

  • Once you have done this, try and condense these topics down into smaller notes. (Make sure you have a good understanding of the topics before you do this!)

  • Then all you need to concentrate on is reading your GCSE notes over and over until they start to stick in your head.

A few revision tactics

1. Do your GCSE science revision with a friend or consider finding a private tutor for help.

2. Use GCSE science revision guides - they may well make things clearer for you. (see our resources for suggestions)

3. Do as many science past papers as you can and try to do them in exam conditions so that you know where your weaknesses are.

4. By all means use pictures and diagrams to help you.

5. Continually read your GCSE notes back to yourself to help you remember them.

There is no wrong or right way to do your GCSE science revision! Find a way that suits you and stick to it!