First Tutors’ GCSE Revision Guide

First Tutors' GCSE Revision Guide

Taking your GCSE's is a pretty crucial stage in your life, but it doesn't all have to be about sitting alone in your room reading boring textbooks!

While it's true that GCSE’s are some of the most important exams you will take, don't allow this to overwhelm you. It's all too easy to fret about the exams so much that you neglect revision and feel you can't perform to the best of your abilities. If you don't know where or how to start the revision process, check out our 5 point GCSE revision guide for ideas on how to get started:

Our Top 5 GCSE Revision Tips:

  • Try and start your revision in plenty of time! If you at least begin re-reading your subject notes the holiday before your GCSE's, you'll have longer to collect all the information and plenty of time to concentrate on problematic areas.

  • Make notes. Don't just rely on reading material for your revision. Make revision cards and if you're struggling to remember something, from a date in history to a process in chemistry, write it out several times.

  • Make revision fun! Use colours, highlighters and pictures to help you retain key words in various subjects. Don't forget to use rhymes to help you remember anything from points to include in a history essay to French vocabulary! Often the ruder the rhymes, the better you remember them!

  • Ask your teachers for past papers to help you practice. Do them under timed conditions so when you're sitting your GCSE's for real, you feel comfortable and aren't fazed.

  • Plan group revision with friends. Brainstorm all your ideas together to see if there is anything you've missed.

Struggling with certain subjects?

So, you've been to see your teacher, you've studied all your notes and you still don't feel confident? Private tuition can help you understand a subject and fulfil your potential, allow First Tutors to lend a hand. Our online database of professional academic tutors allows you to find a teacher near to your home. Whether you're struggling to get to grips with how to revise GCSE science or mystified by maths revision, private tuition can make all the difference! If you feel GCSE revision tuition is what you need, why not discuss it with your parents and ask them to contact us on your behalf.