Choosing your A-Level subjects

Choosing your A-Level Subjects?

Why not read our tips to make sure you are feeling confident and happy about making the right A-Level choices for your future! If you are choosing which A-level subjects you want to study for your AS and A-level exams you may be feeling a little daunted! There are many aspects to consider and you may be feeling under pressure at the thought of picking the wrong subjects. However, fear not! Here at First Tutors we have listed a few points to bear in mind when considering which A-Level subjects to study....

Perhaps most importantly, choose subjects you enjoy! Do not just pick subjects that you think will look good on your UCAS application form. Take subjects you feel you will do well in. Overall grades will often mean more than which subjects you took. Moreover, you will potentially be studying these subjects for two years, so if you are really struggling in a certain area, you will not enjoy learning or find the course rewarding. Make sure your choices are compatible with the requirements of any further courses you may take at college or university.

Essay or Science subjects?

Think about the level and type of work your subjects will require. For example, if you select three essay based subjects, you may want to consider complimenting them with a science subject to break up the similarity of work. Furthermore, think about what aspects you enjoy about the subject. For example if you loved the literature side of English, then choosing a language based subject may be the wrong decision!

Which A-Level Subjects for University?

If thinking of taking a totally new subject, do some background reading and ask teachers what skills the subject requires. This will help ensure you do not choose a subject completely blind of what it entails. If you are super efficient and have a course in mind that you want to study at university, then you should definitely research your A-level subjects. This ensures you are aware of what is essential to enter that course and also what is preferred and useful.

Tip: Some universities, particularly Oxbridge are very particular with regard to A-Level choices and prefer more traditional, academic subjects, as opposed to more vocational ones, check their websites for lists of preferred subjects.

Remember, your A-Level choices begin to mould how you want your life to be in the future. Therefore, there should be a certain amount of emphasis on making these decisions with an informed and open mind.