Helping With Resits

Should things go wrong with your son or daughter's university prospects, and they need to consider resits, it is important to be supportive and reassure them that it is not the end of the world. By the time your children are of university age, it is likely that you do not take such a close interest in their education as before, and as a result it is very useful to consider enlisting the services of a private tutor who can assist them in their specific area of expertise.

When the News Comes In

The most important thing to remember is to be supportive and not confrontational. Be sympathetic and understanding, and don't make accusations about their work ethic or social life. Reassure your son or daughter that because they have the opportunity for resits, it is likely that they were simply unlucky or the paper focused on their weaknesses. Gently encourage them, if you suspect their work ethic was not ideal, to revise more carefully and to be more attentive next time.

What Next

To help your son or daughter make the most of their resits, consider finding a private tutor. A higher education or degree tutor can help with course material, exam technique and practical and research skills if they are necessary - and will offer focused tuition specific to your child's course. Whether it's for dissertations, written exams or practical exams, tutoring at higher levels can make all the difference.

By working with a private tutor, your child can capitalise on their strengths and shore up their weaknesses, and hence make the most of the opportunity for resits. Making the most of higher education is vital to long-term academic success, and as a result focused tuition and a good work ethic are vital. Hiring a private tutor can help identify academic weaknesses and improve study technique.