What are the SATs about?

What are the SATs about?

Key Stages 1 and 2, the primary SATs exams, are supposed to be used to grade the standard of teaching provided by schools rather than your child’s academic progress, but at First Tutors we understand how they can seem to be a way to test and draw together your child’s academic experiences and progress. Don’t treat this as “revision,” but instead a way of identifying your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

How You can Help Your Child

Here are a few tips to help your child with the SATs exams:

1. Take interest in your child’s school work and homework.  Help them with any difficult subjects they have, and talk with them about what they are doing at school. Your child may be nervous about the SATs so it is very important at this young age to help them stay calm, and put things into perspective.

2. Be supportive and reassuring rather than confrontational. Remind your child that the most important thing is that they know they have done their best.

3. Try and create a routine with your child to do homework at the same time and place each day. Creating a study routine in a relaxed environment will help your child enjoy their homework.

4. Talk to your child's school teacher about the SATs process and ask if there is anything you can do with your child to boost their confidence.

Doing More

If you want to help your child more, follow this advice to make their primary SATs revision less stressful and help them maximise their potential on the day.