Preparing for primary SATs

How to tackle SATs revision

Although primary SATs exams are supposed to assess the school rather than your child, we appreciate and sympathise that you may see primary SATs exams as a trigger for examining your child's learning. It isn't revision as such, but rather a test to show what has been missed or possible areas of weakness coming to light so that they can be addressed. The purpose of this is simply to set your child on the right step at an early age.

How parents can help

Below are a few ways to encourage your child:

  1. Show interest in what you child is doing at school and what he/she needs to know for the exams, so that you are both aware of how to prepare for the primary SATs exams (See our resources for primary SATs revision guides and helpful links)

  2. Encourage your child to do its best in primary SATs exams but don't focus too much on final results.

  3. Tell your child that the primary SAT's exams are approaching to encourage them to start doing a few exercises. Promote them to watch less TV or play computer games.

  4. Be patient and forgiving when necessary.

Show that you care

In order to make sure your child puts as much effort as possible into the primary SATs exams there are a few ways in which you can show your support.

  • Try to be calm and reassuring, put the primary SATs exams into perspective so they don't over react.

  • Help them prepare for the SATs exams (again see resources for revision guides), try to be forgiving; they may well be moody or anxious if their exams are impending.

  • Don't bribe with gifts if they achieve good grades. Encourage them to do their best for self satisfaction.

  • Consider finding a private tutor to prepare your child for SATs exams.

  • Make sure they are working in a comfortable environment.

  • Prepare all necessary materials for the primary SATs exam so they have all the pens and pencils they need the night before - one less thing to worry about in the morning!

  • Convince your child that you will support them, no matter what grades are achieved in the primary SATs exams, and you will always be there to listen to their worries.

One important aspect to remember, is that all children to some extent, will be worried about preparing for the primary SATs exams, but with a little guidance and encouragement from the people around them, your child's true capabilities will shine through.