Finding a Primary Maths tutor

Finding a Primary Maths tutor

Finding the right private tutor to help your child with Key Stage 2 Maths can be difficult, especially when there are so many options out there. These 5 steps aim to offer useful advice so that you can find the Mathematics tutoring your child needs.

1) Make up your mind about the Maths tutoring you are looking for

Children struggle with many different aspects of Key Stage 2 Mathematics. Sometimes they need a private Maths tutor to build their confidence with basic numeracy, or to help with specific weaknesses such as calculations, handling data or space and shapes. There are also children who benefit from tutoring because it will stretch them beyond the boundaries of the primary curriculum and challenge them to explore their full abilities. The key is to know what you expect your child to get out of private Maths tutoring.

2) Remember the pluses of larger private tutoring organisations

Finding a private Maths tutor from a large tutoring company can bring you many benefits. Should you have any problems with your private tutoring, you will be in a more secure position when it comes to getting your concerns addressed. Prices can also be more reasonable than with many stand-alone Maths tutors.

3) Consider several private Maths tutors

You have a better chance of finding the right private Maths tutor for your child if you look at several tutors offering support with Key Stage 2 Maths. Different private tutors will go about teaching primary Maths in different ways. With First Tutors, it is particularly easy to browse the profiles of our various Maths tutors to compare prices, educational philosophies and experience.

4) Look for other people's experiences of Maths tutoring

If you can, it is usually worthwhile to find out whether other people would recommend a certain private Maths tutor to you. This is why First Tutors are unique in allowing you to view feedback on our individual private Maths tutors. It is information that might be invaluable when you come to make a choice.

5) Get your child's take on Maths tutoring

Don't forget that if you talk to your child about private Maths tutoring and ask for their views after their first meeting with a potential Maths tutor, you will have a much better chance of ensuring their cooperation and enthusiasm. Not all children are pleased about taking on private Maths tutoring, but bringing them into the decision-making process can really help.