Finding a Primary English tutor

Finding a Primary English tutor

With so many organisations and individuals claiming to offer high-quality tuition, it's not always easy to know where to turn. However, there are plenty of ways to divide the wheat from the chaff. Here are 5 tips to help you find the Primary English tutor right for your child and you:

1) Be clear about the English tutoring you're looking for

Primary school children need support in English for many different reasons. A child bored and frustrated by the primary school curriculum might benefit from a tutor who can help them explore advanced reading and creative writing. Other children need help with mastering the basics of literacy, spelling and grammar. Tutors have different specialities and many are happy to be responsive to your needs. If you articulate your hopes for English tutoring, you have a much better chance of finding what you want.

2) Consider the advantages of larger private tutoring organisations

Personal recommendation can be a good thing and if you know of a good stand-alone private English tutor through friends or family, you of course need to look at that option. In general though, larger organisations do offer some important benefits. If you develop any concerns or complaints, they provide a higher level you can appeal to for help and redress. Prices are often friendlier too.

3) Compare lots of Primary English tutors

It's good to explore lots of options, and you'll find that English tutors differ not only in price, but in experience and styles of teaching. Most private tutoring organisations let you compare their tutors. First Tutors give you the chance to browse the personal profiles of our English tutors to give you a better shot at finding the English tuition you are looking for.

4) Gather feedback about private tutors if you can

The more you know about different English tutors in advance, the easier it is to decide between them. Access to the feedback of other parents is of course an advantage of going through personal recommendations. In terms of large web-based organisations, First Tutors are unique in publishing feedback about our Primary English tutors online.

5) Get your child's opinion on English tutoring

Children go into private tuition with wildly different levels of enthusiasm. If you are trying to make up your mind about an English tutor, it certainly makes sense to ask for your child's opinion. A lot can hinge on the quality of the relationship between a child and their tutor. At First Tutors we do recommend that you arrange for your private tutor to pay you a free preliminary visit to meet your child and discuss their English tutoring. These meetings give you a chance to go with your child's instincts - and of course with your own too!