Finding a GCSE English tutor

Finding a GCSE English tutor

With so many organisations and individuals offering English tuition, it can be difficult to decide between them. However, help is at hand! Following these 5 tips should make it easier to find the right GCSE English tutor to give your child's confidence and grades a boost.

1) Get a good idea of what you want from English tutoring

English GCSE and English Literature GCSE cover a great range of areas between them, so your first step is to make sure you know exactly what kind of support your child needs. Some students have lots of good ideas but need to work on their exam technique. They might benefit from English tutoring focused on English essay tips, comprehension skills and past papers. Others need English GCSE revision help with poetry, prose set texts or Shakespeare plays. It is important to understand the kind of support you are looking for.

2) Remember the benefits of larger private tutoring organisations

On the whole, going with larger organisations has various advantages over looking for an independent GCSE English tutor. It can be easier to get redress if you develop any concerns. Pricing is often more competitive too.

3) Look at lots of different GCSE English tutors

Different English tutors have different approaches to teaching and different levels of experience. To help you find the right person to help your child prepare for their English GCSE exams, it is good to compare options. At First Tutors we make this as easy as possible, asking our GCSE English tutors to create personal profiles that they can use to tell you more about themselves.

4) Try to get hold of feedback

Knowing how other people have responded to a certain private English tutor is important. First Tutors are unique in publishing students' comments about our GCSE English tutors online, which can help you to make up your mind.

5) Ask your child's opinion regarding English tutoring

In the end, your child is the one who has to go through GCSE English revision and pass the exams. The process can be a stressful one. When you first meet a potential GCSE English tutor, make sure you know how your child feels about them and include them in discussions about what form the English tutoring should take.