11 Plus in Kent

Kent has more Grammar schools than any other county, and the competition for places in these establishments can be fierce.

The admissions criteria for these schools varies wildly. Some admit based on 11 Plus scores alone, others weigh scores against geographical criteria, such a distance or parish boundaries. Yet others may give preference to families who already have a child at the school, or to those who practice a particular faith.

All children wishing to enter a grammar school must pass Kent's own brand of the 11 Plus, the Kent Test.

Here is a basic run-down of the Kent Test's key aspects for 2015:

  • Deadline July 2015
  • Test Dates: 10 September 2015 for children who go to school in Kent. 12 September 2015 for children who go to school outside of Kent.
  • Assessments are as follows:
  • English & Maths (1 hour)
  • Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning (1 hour)
  • Writing Exersise (40 minutes non-marked)
  • The Pass Mark will be determined by the examinees scores, TBD.
  • Results 14 October 2015

These dates can be confirmed at the link above: they may change! Tutors specialising in 11 Plus in Kent can be found here.