11 Plus in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire operates an "opt out" system for the 11+, whereby children at Bucks state primary schools are automatically entered for the test unless their parents actively withdraw them from taking it. Children at private schools and those attending schools outside Buckinghamshire must actively apply to take the test.

Registration is required for all children attending Partner Schools and out of county schools). Children attending Bucks state schools do not need to register.

  • Deadline for applications: 31st October 2015 for the Common Application Form
  • Test date: Thursday 10th September 2015
    Preparation Test: Tuesday 8th September 2015
  • Components: Two multiple choice tests, 45-50 minutes each which is split up into smaller timed sections.
    Each paper will test Verbal, Numerical and Non-verbal Reasoning.
  • Pass Mark: To be announced here
  • Places will be allocated in March 2016

All this is correct at time of posting. Check here for any updates.