Finding a tutor to assist with A-Level chemistry

A-Level Chemistry can be a very challenging and stressful subject, with the increased theoretical elements focusing on reaction mechanisms, atomic structure and organic chemistry. Many A-Level Chemistry students feel that it is a major step up from GCSE which their school has not been able to fully prepare them for, and that the sudden increase in difficulty is hard to come to terms with. As a result, some parents choose to enlist the help of an A-Level Chemistry tutor to assist with revision and better improve their child's grasp of the subject.

A good tutor will work at a pace suitable to the student’s aptitude, giving precedence to the material they feel they are struggling with while reinforcing their knowledge of more familiar topics to provide a detailed and complete course of revision and tuition.

Choosing a Good Chemistry Tutor

If your child is having difficulties with their study of A-Level Chemistry, you should begin by talking with them about where exactly the problems lie. This may be theoretical aspects of chemistry such as understanding orbitals and energy levels, quantitative chemistry and gas laws, or any other aspect of the chemistry course their school follows. A specialist private tutor can tailor sessions on a one-to-one basis to your child’s needs.

In addition, private tuition can offer more than just chemistry revision - a private tutor can help students with exam technique, revision strategies and time management both before and during the examination. A good Chemistry tutor can enhance your child’s performance both in subject understanding and crucially, in exam technique.

How First Tutors finds local Chemistry Tutors

To take some of the stress out of choosing a tutor, try using the search function on First Tutors. We list a range of local private tutors specialised in all aspects of A-Level Chemistry revision, and so can provide exactly the assistance that your child needs.
In addition, we are the only private tuition company in the country to openly encourage parents to read feedback from previous clients about a tutor, to ensure that you find the best private tutor for your child‘s A-Level Chemistry qualification.