Finding a tutor for A-Level English

Finding the right Tutor for A-Level English

Moving on to A-Levels is a tricky time. Not only is there a massive leap ahead in terms of work difficulty, but there is a whole new style of teaching to contend with and in many instances, a totally new circle of friends to make & environment to get used to!

Unsurprisingly, it's all too easy for students to fall behind or struggle with their work. This is where First Tutors step in. Our site helps you find private tuition, including that in A-Level English, that is best suited to your son or daughter. Our online database of professional tutors ensures you can find a local tutor with the right level of experience and qualifications to provide constructive tutoring for child, wherever their difficulties lie.

Why consider private tuition in A-Level English?

Private tuition is an undoubtedly successful method of ensuring your child fulfils their academic potential. Whether they need support to catch up with work they haven't understood or require extra tutoring to help them achieve top grades for university admission, private tuition can certainly assist students in realising their goals!

What to look for in a home tutor.

Choosing the right tutor for son or daughter is of paramount importance. Not only must you select someone who is going to get along with the pupil in question, but you must ensure they have the right level of qualifications and experience. If wanting a tutor for A-Level English for example, you should expect prospective tutors to have at least an A-Level in the subject, if not a degree. If your child has particular problems with English, or broader learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, you may find a tutor with more extensive experience in the teaching sector would provide the best level of tutoring.

How can First Tutors Help?

Our site allows you to find A-Level English tutors that are local to your area. We also allow our tutors to post a profile, containing information on everything from their interests, to their personal teaching style, and most importantly experience. This ensures you can select teachers whose personal tutoring services are most suitable for your daughter or son!