Private tutoring for online distance learning courses

Private tutoring for online distance learning courses

With the multitude of online distance learning courses around these days, flexible learning in your own time has never been easier. Many people relish the freedom of being able to study alongside existing work or family commitments. Long distance learning can also give you access to a vast range of subjects and qualifications that you have little chance of finding at your local college.

There are times, though, when people decide to supplement their distance learning courses with private tuition. There might be all kinds of reasons for this, but if you are trying to make up your mind about whether private tutoring might benefit you, there are a few matters to bear in mind.

Why private tutoring might help with your long-distance learning

The trouble with online distance learning is that at times it can seem a little bit impersonal. Of course you are not usually alone. Many long distance learning courses provide you with a personal tutor to help you with any problems you might experience. You can also usually find internet forums where long-distance learners come together to discuss their work.

Despite this, many find that no technology can replace the benefits of face-to-face contact. Sometimes just being able to meet with a private tutor and know that they will give you their full attention for an hour makes a big difference to online distance learners. It might be that there are certain areas and topics where you would value some extra support. It might just be that the chance to discuss your course with someone in the flesh can be a way of sparking your interest and stretching you.

That extra boost

Even if you are not struggling with anything in particular, sometimes you might just need another person to bounce ideas off and talk things through with. Normally fellow students can help with this, but for anyone on an online distance learning course, it can be a private tutor who ensures that your learning is an enjoyable rather than just an isolating experience. Private tutoring clearly isn't the only resource at your disposal, but it could well be a valuable one.

Worries about private tutoring

Online distance learners are sometimes concerned that private tutoring will undermine the flexibility of their existing learning arrangements. There is no reason at all why this should be the case. Most private tutors will be happy to give you as many private tutorials as you think best. You will be able to see them at a time that suits you, usually in your own home.

Finding the online learning support you need

If you are looking for a private tutor to supplement your long-distance learning, you can use the First Tutors website to find tutors with relevant skills and expertise in your area. Whether you are studying towards a distance learning degree, distance learning diploma, distance learning GCSE or any other qualification, working with a private tutor might well give you an edge. There will no longer be any need to shout at your computer screen in despair. The bottom line is, with a private tutor, long-distance learners have back-up.