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Good Photography Skills to Learn With a Tutor

May 3rd, 2023 by Cassie Steele

Every year, more than a trillion photos are taken worldwide. We document everything from the meals that we eat for dinner to the holidays we take with family. 85% of these photos taken are on a smartphone. There is more to LEARN ABOUT SUCCESSFUL PHOTOGRAPHY though than simply pointing and clicking. There is a real art, not just to good composition, but also in learning analogue photography skills, such as being able to develop the photos that you take and transform them into amazing prints.

Mastering editing software

In many ways, DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY IS MORE ECO-FRIENDLY than analogue. You are certainly not creating lots of prints on paper just to find the right shot. Many of the editing techniques that we use for digital prints however, came from what we have learned from developing films. The negatives were exposed to different areas of light, or even bleached to reveal highlights and specific details in the photo. Your editing software will be able to recreate similar effects. It is an essential skill to MASTER THE SOFTWARE WHEN YOU ARE LEARNING photography. Then you can turn a good photo into something great.

Studying composition

Composition is key when you want to take BEAUTIFUL AND STRIKING PHOTOGRAPHS. There are many elements that you can study that will change how a photograph looks, and it is a good skill to know how to make the most of these. You will have to think about texture, patterns, depth of field, curves, lines, symmetry, contrast and colour and use them to enrich the images that you have taken. Even if the subject matter is fantastic, good composition is more essential in creating a successful image.

Mastering your camera

Understanding how to effectively use a digital or analogue camera manually is an essential skill for every aspiring photographer. You should know WHAT EVERY BUTTON AND DIAL DOES, so that you can use the camera to your best ability. With your tutor you can learn how meter works, understand the exposure triangle and find out how the shutter system operates. Without these skills, your photography will be limited to just pointing and clicking and you may find that you are struggling to get the right focus.

With your photography tutor you can learn about how to create images that are truly unique. Mastering basic camera skills will help you be able to express your natural ability. Find a tutor today.

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