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Holidays are nearly here! Find a music teacher for your child

June 12th, 2012 by Sara

With summer holidays just around the corner, many parents will be thinking of ways to keep their children occupied while having fun at the same time. Children are curious by nature and have the need to explore and experiment all the time. The summer holidays can be the perfect time to introduce children to new activities or hobbies.

Why music?

Music plays a very positive role in a child's development and many experts agree that learning to play a musical instrument can boost a child's academic performance. Strong evidence shows that music lessons can improve a child's language skills by enhancing the brain's sensitivity to speech sounds.You may even find that your child has a special talent for music.

Which instrument?

Before deciding with your child what instrument they would like to learn, it's a good idea to go to as many live concerts and musical events as possible so that your child can get the feel of what instruments they are most attracted to. If your child already shows a clear interest in a particular instrument it's probably sensible to rent an instrument for a couple of months until your child is convinced they are happy having music lessons and with the instrument they are learning too.

What age?

The ideal age to start learning to play a musical instrument is around the age of seven, although if your child is well coordinated and is able to concentrate, they could perhaps start at five or six. If this is the case, make sure the lessons are short and that practise is kept to short bursts too.

Where to find a music teacher?

Although your child may be involved with musical activities at school, learning to play an instrument properly requires one to one tuition. A dedicated music teacher knows how to make lessons fun for your child. Here at First Tutors Music we have plenty of music teachers that provide lessons in a wide variety of instruments.

Take a look at the following music teacher profiles:

If you wish to contact music teachers please register here. Remember it's free to contact and discuss tuition needs with as many teachers as you wish!

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