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8 Useful Tips to Learn Music at Home

December 6th, 2019 by Ronald Ross


Learning music is easier than you think and can be learned at home without any tutors or expensive classes. We have been blessed with the internet when it comes to learning any skill including music and musical instruments.

The following tips will guide you on how to start learning music on your own.

1. Start with Music Theory Basics

To be able to master any new skill the first step must begin with its basics, the same goes for music learning. Music theory enables you to understand the structure and elements of music composition and allows you to communicate in music language. It's the foundation for your music learning and you must be thorough with it in order to make your learning process simpler and easier

2. Conduct Thorough Online Research

The Internet has many options to choose from which could confuse a beginner easily. A friend of mine purchased a bass amplifier before going through the bass amp reviews and now it sits in the corner of her studio, unused. You wouldn't want to make that mistake of sitting through an entire tutorial of music learning to find out in the end, it was useless.

Before choosing your online learning source, research thoroughly on all the available options, read the comments section on a YouTube tutorial, check the qualifications of the music teacher, ask previous students how the class helped them and so on.

3. Choose Your Type of Music

Now, decide the type of music you want to learn. Is it vocal or instrumental and if it's vocal, then you have to take extra care of your voice and vocal chord. If you want to learn an instrument, you have to decide what type whether, percussion, keyboard, bass or string and then you will either have to buy or borrow your chosen instruments. Take your time and choose what excites you the most.

4. Pick Up A Music Instrument

If you choose to learn an instrument or not it's recommended that you get one. Learning music with instruments is a lot more fun than without it, it gives you an actual feel. Go to a music store to check out all the available choices or take an expert's opinion on which instrument is the best for a beginner, as learning piano is easier than learning violin and playing steel tongue drums are comparatively easier than an electronic drum kit.

5. Select Beginner Music Pieces

Remember, you're still a beginner so don't be demanding and expect too much from yourself. Pick simple and easier music pieces specifically chosen for beginners. If you choose a difficult one you may lose motivation and stop practising altogether, choose beginner music pieces and build your way towards more complex ones.

6. Practice Regularly

I cannot stress this point enough, regular practice is the key to learning. Schedule a specific time to learn and relearn your music and make it a part of your daily routine. Effective practising ensures you slowly get better at your performance. Only with disciplined and dedicated practising, great accomplishments can be achieved.

7. Score Your Performance

You must score your own performance as you are learning music on your own without a proper class. So, during your learning and practising sessions, make notes regarding your performance. This helps you in keeping track of your mistakes so you could make improvements and work on it harder.

8. Set Realistic Goals

You're learning music at home, without the help of a professional so set weekly or daily goals for yourself which you could accomplish in a week or in a day. The goal is to not go hard on yourself by setting a huge goal which you may not be able to reach. Instead, be realistic and divide your final goal into smaller and easier goals, so each step in your learning process feels like progress and success.

Well, there you have it, the 8 most useful tips to learn music on your own and in the comfort of your own house.

Author Bio:

Ronald Ross is enthusiastic for music from an early age and started to learn playing drum. He reviews musical instruments and writes about importance of music in our life on Checkout his blog to pick the right instrument for yourself.

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