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5 online resources for languages tutors

October 6th, 2009 by Emily

If you're considering becoming a languages tutor, check out these 5 online resources for tips and advice:

1) Tips4Jobs.An interview with Mark Evans, a Spanish languages tutor who now works in a business management school. He shares his advice with people who want to become language tutors.

2) LLAS (Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies). A detailed overview of the opportunities and challenges presented by online languages tuition.

3) BBC. Detailed guides about teaching French, Spanish, German and Italian, combined with an 'Internet Inspiration' section for online tuition.

4) Marmara. An education portal with a number of academic articles about languages tuition. Two examples are featured in the links below.


5) Todoele. A website specifically geared towards tutors of Spanish as a foreign language. Your own skills had better be up to scratch, though - the entire website is in Spanish!

We hope you find these resources helpful. If you know of any other good resources for people who want to tutor languages, we would welcome your comments. We are interested to hear ideas for both teaching resources and more general advice on how to begin a career as a tutor.

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