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Viva Spain

July 5th, 2010 by Emily

Did you know that there are around 500 million Spanish speakers around the world? Spanish is one of the most important languages today and in fact there are nearly as many speakers of Spanish as a first language in the United States are there are speakers of English as a first language.

This means that Spanish has an important role to play in most of our lives. We may do business with speakers of the language - whether they're based in Spain or across the pond in Latin America. Spanish speakers therefore have great career opportunities.

Outside of work, it's likely that many of us encounter Spanish during our holidays. Most people in the UK have visited Spain, and with good reason. It's great country with something for everyone, whether it's the olde worlde charm of Granada, the bohemian vibe of Barcelona or the famous sunny beaches along the Costa del Sol.

If you don't speak any Spanish, it's never to late to learn, especially because a lot of the words are already familiar to us. For example, most English words ending in "tion" (for example station and detention) are the same in Spanish but ending in "cion". So, that's around 5,000 words that you already know!

Spanish is also a relatively easy language to learn if you're at all familiar with one of the other romantic languages, such as French or Italian, as again there are many similarities.

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