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It’s elocution, my dear

June 1st, 2010 by Emily

Speaking is one of the activities that we undertake the most often. Isn't it amazing, then, that so few of us have been formally taught how to speak?

Of course, we learn how to speak as a baby by mimicking our parents, and then as we get older by taking on the words, accents and vocal mannerisms of our friends, family and elders. This isn't always an advantage though, as the cast of EastEnders has shown us. It's fine to screech and drop your h's if you work on a market stall, but not if you want to work in one of the professions!

It's never too late to learn how to speak with the voice and accent that you've always wanted - or the one that will help you to get taken more seriously. Margaret Thatcher famously had elocution lessons when she became prime minister. Good thing too - a squeaky leader would have been a laughing stock.

Elocution lessons can help you to speak more clearly, more correctly and more confidently. They're not just for people in big business but for anyone who feels that their voice lets them down. After all, why neglect your speaking voice? It's one of your most important attributes.

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