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Choosing a tutor for your child is an important decision. You are bringing someone into his or her life that will guide them and influence their learning. It is important that you get it right. Ask the tutor about their qualifications, experience and reference. If possible use a tutor provider to help with showcasing references for tutors. Teacher and student need to have good rapport b...

With the way we communicate today it is often difficult to read between the lines that your child is in trouble with a subject at school. The phrases 'Sarah can do better' or 'Johnny can apply himself a bit more' is often used and can apply to anyone. I mean, if we are totally honest, most kids can do better. Perhaps you started noticing your child coming home with lower grades. Or perh...

The number one reason is always better grades: most children learn better with one-on-one tuition and undivided attention. They are more comfortable in asking questions, and not as self conscious as in a classroom situation. Another reason would be that the environment is more conducive to learning than in a classroom, which makes it less stressful for the student. Tutors deal with stud...

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