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Nine Reasons Parents Choose Tutoring For Their Children

The number one reason is always better grades: most children learn better with one-on-one tuition and undivided attention. They are more comfortable in asking questions, and not as self conscious as in a classroom situation.

Another reason would be that the environment is more conducive to learning than in a classroom, which makes it less stressful for the student. Tutors deal with students daily; know how to set them at ease, and how to get the best out of them. When the student is relaxed, they can concentrate better, and focus on the task at hand. In a classroom environment students are often distracted by other students' behaviour or what others might think of them.

Sometimes the student has fallen behind the others in class, and tutoring is one way to bring them up to standard.

Tutoring in a quiet environment also helps with concentration and focus. School is anything but quiet.

You can schedule lessons at times that suit you. You can let the tutor come to you, or drive a short distance to their house, where the tutor usually has a study or other suitable place where it is quiet. There is no traffic to contend with which makes it convenient.

The student can work at his or her pace, and go faster over the subject areas they grasp well and slower over the "sticky patches." In a classroom environment there is one pace for everybody.

In working one-on-one the tutor can see where the student needs more practice in a subject and give him or her more exercises in that area to enable them to master it fully.

Tutoring will help the student learn the correct study techniques, and teach them concentration and focus: Something that is often lacking in classroom situations today as it is all about "fun" and not about results.

If a suitable tutor is found, the student will make a friend for life as someone he or she can confide in and who can act as a mentor in that subject area. A classroom teacher would struggle to build that kind of trust with a student as they just don't have the time to give undivided attention to each student.

Tutoring should be a positive experience. It will be the exception to the rule if it isn't.. Tutoring should give students more confidence, which will be seen in other subjects as well.

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